MORMOR by Johannes Torpe and Rune Reilly Kölsch

Johannes Torpe and Rune Reilly Kölsch’s sofa MORMOR from HAY received “The Danish Design Prize 2007”.

The jury says, "A rejection of conventions, innovative production approach, provoking and funky design, visual and sculptural furniture, a fine example of renewal in Danish furniture design.

Innovative sofa design is a difficult task, so there is every reason to applaud the new sofa concept MORMOR, whose unique expression is both funky and provoking without compromising on design and product quality. MORMOR is an almost monolithic object in the form of a visually exciting, light and sculptural piece of furniture. Thanks to the self-contained shape and low weight, the sofa does not have to go against a wall, which allows for a less conventional look.

MORMOR is a fine example of renewal in Danish furniture design. The innovation is not only evident in the sofa’s expression but also in its production form, which emphasises its unique character. The materials are well-chosen, the detailing is excellent, and the combination of leather and textile makes for a striking and beautiful solution."

When the half-brothers Johannes Torpe and Rune Reilly Kölsch work together on a furniture design, provoking and funky details are bound to ensue. The sofa ”MORMOR” (Danish for maternal grandmother) is no exception. An innovative mix of fabrics and materials keeps the weight at only 26.5 kg, even though it is a 3-seater. But why MORMOR? Rune Reilly Kölsch explains: ”it’s a pun on the English pronunciation. MORMOR is Danish, but in English it sounds like ”more more”. Our next sofa will be FARMOR (”far more”, or Danish for paternal grandmother) – and the chair will be FASTER” (Danish for aunt).

MORMOR was part of the exhibition “The Danish Design Prizes 2007” at the Danish Design Centre.

Design: Johannes Torpe and Rune Reilly Kölsch