Green House

Green House dissolves the large scale of the typical enclosed block volume into a new xx structure, thereby creating an expressive and spatially varied building, which relates to the large scale of the surrounding urban fabric, while at the same time creating series of micro-environments such as courtyards, squares and plateaus with different degrees of openness. Green House creates synergy between inside and outside, between summing metropolitan life and landscape(d) space. Green House is a vision for a new urbanity of social and spatial exchange between private domain and public space which creates plus value for both parts, reinforces local connections, and enriches the public space.

Year: 2007
Competition: Europan 9

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Adsersen, Sue Ling Choong Knudsen, Pietro Bairati,Cathrina Thingstadengen, Astrid Hald, Nanna Jee Lind Eriksen, Jørgen Hedrich og Allan Lyth
Collaboration: Moe & Brødsgaard