Do It Yourself Home Security: Secure Your Home From Burglary With The Right And Affordable Security System

The house is not only a place of shelter and rest. Inside a house, homeowners will put valuable assets. They save money, jewelry, expensive furniture, electronic goods, securities, cars, and many more. this time more and more cases of theft. There is even a thief who has the main target vacant homes. The house is being left behind by their owners into a tempting target for theft. Theft is very detrimental to the community. Theft victims lose valuable items such as gold rings, money, cameras, and laptops.

Yet according to the owner of the house, he had locked the house well before leaving for work. The theft took place in the morning when everyone is busy doing the activity in the office while activities around the house are very quiet. Homeowners know if his house was robbed of a witness who then immediately calls if the house has been robbed. When police checked, turned out to be a thief entered the house through the garage. Lock the garage door open and the car has been vandalized. This case adds to the many cases of theft in the empty house plaguing the society.


  The Number Of Robbery Cases

If you still think that the intruder will not be possible to enter your home, then you should be more open eye for surprising facts from the FBI stating that the United States is the country with the highest theft case. There are four cases of robbery every minute means that every 15 minutes a successful home ransacked. This data is very surprising that you need to know how the intruder is working so that you can do it yourself home security. Here are some facts that you can watch out for:

 • According to statistical data as much as 60% of thieves damage the house by force. However, the data is surprising are as much as 30% of burglars enter homes without destroying part of the house because the homeowner forgot to lock the door or window.

 • A study conducted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte at the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology has found that the thief will monitor whether the home has a security alarm system or not before robbing him. Another study found that thieves will avoid installing a home security system. If the alarm sounds, then they will soon leave the house without having managed to steal anything.

 • Based on the data, as many as 33% will intruder entered the house through the front door because the door has a cavity and easy to be tampered with how pried or kicked. If the wooden doors of your home are already old and had holes, then you should immediately replace it with a new solid wood or you can overlay your door with metal. Every time you leave the house, turn on the security system in your home. fill in the entrance of your home by using motion lighting and security cameras.

 • If you are still using a wireless home security system, then you should immediately replace as much as 25% burglar alarm and managed to cut the telephone wires before they get into the house. you can use a wireless home security system. This system cannot be terminated by the intruder because no cable that can be cut. Security uses wireless technology is more affordable, but the risks to the robbery are also greater. better you use the wireless system provided by the company that is reliable home security systems.

 • Many thieves who attacked the house more than once. when they are already familiar with the layout of your house, then the thief can come back. If previously the home you've been robbed, then you should immediately install a home security system quickly so that the robber did not return to your home.

 • Based on data from the FBI, the dollar decline that occurred in each case is $ 2,185 robbery. The amount is higher than the cost of installing a home security system is the most fundamental. The amount also does not include the emotional damage to a family due to the robbery. Many companies that offer rebates when your house is already equipped with a home security system. Costs to be incurred by the victim to face the criminal justice related to a home invasion are $ 20,000.

 • A special report on the Bureau of Justice Statistics as much as 28% of cases of theft also made a member of the house suffered violence. As a result of this violence are the most fatal losses and affect psychic theft victims. Currently robbery cases are very difficult to solve. Only 13% of cases of theft were successfully handled by the police and the restoration of the property owned by the victim cannot be realized.

Home Security Systems To Prevent Burglary

We already know that the home security system has a considerable cost, but with increasingly sophisticated technology you can do it yourself home security. One of the devices you can install easily is The Piper NV. This is best home security systems that is equipped with a camera that is connected to the Android or iOS Smartphone. If the device detects movement or sound, then you can receive text messages, push notifications, email, or phone call.

Next, you can check the state of your house with a night vision camera with a 180 degree view, zoom, pan, and tilt to record an event with HD quality. There is a two-way audio is very sophisticated. If you see a thief, then you can be a powerful 105 dB siren. It can be connected to your home via Z-Wave. The tool is also equipped with temperature and humidity sensors. The Piper NV has a battery backup when there is a power outage. Although the router in your home does not work, you cannot get a warning sound or motion. With this best home security camera, you do not need to use the services of a security system.

Columbus Roofing Maintenance for the Springtime

This winter sure was a brutal one. Hopefully, you did not experience any unfortunate circumstances when it came to your home - especially your Columbus roofing system. Nonetheless, now that spring is upon us and the weather is warming up, this is the perfect time to call columbus roofers to check out how your roof held up this winter.
Whether or not you have been keeping up with the maintenance of your Columbus roofing system, there are some things that are extra important to check up on after the winter.

Your Gutters
When it comes to your roof - and the safety of your home underneath it - your gutters certainly are the most important part of the system. A clogged gutter system can be a recipe for disaster. Not only will blocked up gutters eventually lead to leaks and damages to your home's structure, but they can shorten the life of your Columbus roofing system.
* First and foremost, check out the gutters, yourself. Climb up on a ladder and investigate inside to see if any large chunks of debris have built up.
* Using your hands or a garden trowel, remove any large debris that you can find.
* Lastly, use a power washer to clean out any remaining dirt that may have built up or hardened throughout the gutter system.
Depending upon the number of trees you have on your home's property, you may want to clean out those gutters on your Columbus roofing system more often than just spring cleaning!

Your Trees
Since we just talked about gutters, it is important to also think about the trees on your property. Not only can they drop debris that could potentially clog your gutters, but also trees, themselves, can destroy Columbus roofing system. If you have trees that "overhang" a roof, you will certainly want to trim them right away. This will stop debris, and keep an unnecessary load from weighing down on your roof.

Your Shingles
Any homeowner knows that the secret to a long-lasting Columbus roofing system is maintaining the quality of the shingles. After you clean your gutters, next, you might want to get up on the roof and take a peek at what's going on up there.
* Scan the entirety of the roof's shingles for any missing pieces, peeling, grain loss, or discoloration.
* If you do find any shingles that are broken or beginning to lose grain, you will definitely want to replace them.
Replacing a shingle can be an easy DIY job. All you would need to do is remove the old shingle, and the nails and fasteners holding it down, and replace it with a new shingle of the same size and then nail it down. Afterwards, cover the nails with roofing cement and leave some weight on the replaced shingle, at least overnight, to really seal it tightly.

Expert Advice
If at any point during your spring roofing maintenance, you find the need for an expert opinion, contact several Columbus roofers today, to receive free estimates!

Spherical Design in Rustic Western Red Cedar Wood Shingles

Tucked quietly in a corner of your existing home’s property or as an independent structure all its own, this compact garden shed is an insulated sphere measuring three meters in diameter. With this smart wooden prefab structure, you can extend your home’s living space without going through the cost and inconvenience of a home addition and renovation. A top-hinged gull-wing door swings open, resembling a spaceship to welcome you into this ultra-modern design. The small design lets you isolate the intended function of a space, so whether you use it as a home office, an artist’s studio, a guest house, a kids’ play room or an adult retreat, this cool shed provides peace and privacy aplenty. The spherical design is clad in rustic Western Red Cedar wood shingles, giving the shed a country-chic aesthetic. The small design lets you isolate the intended function of a space, so whether you use it as a home office, an artist’s studio, a guest house, a kids’ play room or an adult retreat, this cool shed provides peace and privacy aplenty. Interiors are fully plastered and ready to decorate in your style, your way. At the top of the dome, a skylight floods interiors with natural light. Whimsical as it looks, this small garden shed is big on function, featuring a 2.9-meter internal diameter ready to fill with your work and play essentials.