Daigo Ishii project White Blue Black

Daigo Ishii project White Blue Black
A residence with much collection of books.

The rule of that the finish of the house is divided into three colors was set up. White: The frame of the house, Black: the auxiliary parts supporting the house, Blue :bookshelf.

Blue was chosen as the color that didn't conform to the existence of the books and erased the gravity of that. White and black was coordinates of the color on that other various colors will be relativized.

The rule determines the interior design of the house automatically, so the unexpected space appears by the accidental combination with three colors.

The rule was for blocking the banalization of the house. In Japan, living is that many life things invade a house and make the house banal. In this house, many books had the possibility of accelerating the banalization.

The bookshelves space serves as a space to which two rooms are connected. Between the bookshelves are passages for connecting the both side's rooms. It has become buffer zone or big corridor. The folding door divides each space. If opened the folding door, the each room and bookshelf space are joined as one continuous space. If closed the folding door, each room gets independence.

The bookshelf space has other function. It also is used as a vertical passages for the natural light and wind. The floor in the bookshelf space is composed of the FRP grating. So, from the top light window, the natural light streams until the first floor via the bookshelf space. On the contrary, the wind elevates from the first floor to the high side window for exhausting the heat and the humidity.

Location : Mitaka, Tokyo

Architect : Daigo Ishii + Future-scape Architects

Structure Engineer : Sano Structure Design Office

Cooperation : Hiroyuki Kato

Construction : Musashino Construction Company