Daigo Ishii project Annex of the Old Family House

Daigo Ishii project Annex of the Old Family House
This architecture is an annex of the old family house constructed 200 years ago. It situates in the area with atmosphere of rural village.

The annex was located carefully between the existing buildings. Based on the survey in the area. It is finished with thin metal plates usually used for the roof in the area and locals used to seeing. At the same time, the thin metal plates are used not only for the roof but also for the exterior wall, that is, it has a slight gap between the surroundings. So, locals feel no sense of strong incompatibility but delicate difference.

Daigo Ishii project Annex of the Old Family HouseIn the interior, the floor and line elements such as column are finished with black oil stain, and the wall and ceiling are finished with white paint. The main house with history of 200 years was finished with black and white. In the annex, I applied the rule of color more thoroughgoing and clearer. Besides, the black and white paint has a strong gloss. As a result, when they enter in the annex from the main house, they feel of a sense of continuity but the difference of atmosphere.

By the strong gloss, the floor, wall and ceiling reflect the light and the scenery on the each surface and the reflected image reflects on each other again. In the fine day, on the ceiling, very complicated graduation appears as if clouds had floated. In that time, the interior connects to the exterior and become a part of the scenery.

I designed this architecture on the balance of the continuation with the context and the independence from the context.

Location : Akiruno, Tokyo

Architect : Daigo Ishii + Future-scape Architects

Structure Engineer : Oga Structure Design Office

Equipment Engineer : Akeno Equipment Design Office

Construction : Honma Construction Company