Luxury concrete Han Bit House by Burkhalter Sumi Architekten

The sloping landscape dictates the shape of Han Bit House – this luxury concrete fortress-like design in Herrliberg, Switzerland, by Burkhalter Sumi Architekten. A series of volumes are staggered along the hillside, both horizontally and vertically, to create an interesting profile while working with this tricky terrain. This sequence of spaces is constructed as a massive concrete structure without any expansion joints. A cool, concrete facade is rough, complemented by windows framed by red glazed larch. In addition to the home’s conventional windows, broad 10-meter wide openings in the walls offer panoramic views framing views of the Glarner Alps, the lake Zurich and the tree-lines horizon outside. Between the home’s volumes, an outdoor patio is the perfect spot to steal a quiet moment alone and take in the awe-inspiring backdrop. Inside, contemporary white walls are the perfect complement to the natural, rich woods that finish this home’s floors, select walls, stairways, the kitchen and bathroom – wood is the medium of choice to highlight the home’s stunning natural elements and surroundings.