Modern apartment interior decorating ideas as the representative of modern lifestyle


Many offers to have the dwelling took the form of the apartment possibly this has been normal, but was really abnormal if the apartment that was offered had a surplus and the special uniqueness. The enjoyment rested that not much time was the matter important to have a comfortable dwelling, safe and could inspired the requirement for occupants. The classic dream of having the residence like the housing complex landed center of the city and close to the workplace really was difficult to be gotten was caused by the limitations of the available land. The choice will be directed to the vertical dwelling or one apartment.

The Apartment that accommodate the requirement for occupants feel like live in landed house designed with the concept moved the house dwelling in the form of the vertical dwelling. Where in every unit in the design had the completeness as being proper for the house live in landed house complete with the page, this was realized with the existence of the quite wide balcony and pool deck. Moreover in certain units and penthouse had the personal swimming pool. Divided into 4 units of each one of his floors, in separated the pillar, the straight beam in accordance with the plan and surrounding area.
The apartment had the point of view so that this building more have a character and interesting by translating the concept of the tropical building in the form of the vertical building. This was realized with the amount of space was open that surrounded the perimeter of each one of his units, as the balcony (that could be made function as green space) at the same time provided overhang was as wide 2,5 meter functioned to avoid rain the excessive rain water. Moreover also reduced the use AC in each one of his units because of the existence shadow area could reduce hot. Space was open (the balcony/the swimming pool) in some unit in order to stand out through the perimeter limit of the building so as space that was created could be used for the green area. By using the structure of the cantilever then was seen by the exposure facade to the certain blank and this increased beauty at the same time the uniqueness of the building. Was one of the main thinking in planning the form of the building because that be related to how we saw, enjoyed and went through him every day. The design facade could be said get true if could calm, calm and generate the passion activities for his occupants.
This was the attraction of the prospective occupants to have the apartment that offered a surplus from the aspect of architecture, and luxury. The existence of the balcony that was made function as green space became extensive, this was not only met in the ground floor but also was gotten on his upper floors made the building appear greener in time. Eventually will become the vertical garden or the garden was suspended with trees in every floor. Combination the element of glasses with concrete and the deliberate nature stone was done in order to be seen the building more texture. Also with the existence of the balcony or the swimming pool that stood out will make seemed to have small canopies .
The interior had the eclectic style modern where combined partialities the modern lifestyle with beauty romanticism of the interior of past buildings. With many uses of elements of wood and the representative iron the modern lifestyle, while past romanticism was translated in the number of uses of the form organic in the element of interior. Comfort of occupant’s romanticism was also spoil with his interior that experienced the distortion with the achievement of the natural light that entered inside or some lighting was hidden in certain parts reflected beauty of the light. The publics facilities that supported the activity of occupants were concentrated the floor low like laundry, fitness center, means parked etc. This building had 64 cream units and used private the lift where each unit could be only used in accordance with occupants this room. In this way the value of privation was really given priority for occupants.