One-Of-A-Kind Spanish Style House Combines Form, Fashion, Function


Only in La-la Land could you find something so whimsical, so modern, so artistic that it blurs the line between house and art. Originally a 1917 Spanish style duplex, this one-of-a-kind, sculptural structure was drafted by artist and designer Fritz Haeg. The Bernardi Residence which calls Los Angeles, California “home” boasts artfully feminine curves and overhanging walls that shade the expansive windows from the heat of the sun. The exterior is accented with warm woods set into a cool envelope of bright white stucco sprinkled with mica dust that gives it that special sparkle when viewed at just the right angle. Inside, each room has its own color, and almost all furniture is built in, like bench-style seating, tables and shelving units that stretch across the brightly colored walls. Outside, the curiosities continue on the enclosed terrace filled with edible plants – grape vines, citrus trees and rosemary shrubs.