Stylish Sustainable House in San Francisco

Designed by John Lum Architecture Inc., Casa Verde is an example of contemporary eco-conscious living that is as easy on the eyes as it is on the environment, proving that eco-friendly living need spare no luxury. Nestled a block from Garfield Park in San Francisco, California, the architect took an existing structure in an infill neighborhood, and Greened it up with high-tech sustainable features that puts wind power into action. A patio and spa welcome residents and guests into this modern house, opening onto a courtyard with a fountain and a wind turbine – one of the few you’ll find in the city, as part of a study testing the efficiency of wind power. The turbine generates between 1.6 and 1.9 kW, but with a hand from the sun via solar panels, that’s improved to 5 kW, powering this innovative 3,700-sq.-ft. house. Interiors are bright, funky and fashionable, blending an eclectic mix of bold color, varying textures and style that take the house from sophisticated to quirky and whimsical. Floors are made of FSC-certified or reclaimed wood. A set of glass stairs lead to the open-concept upper level, flooded with light via abundant windows. A green roof tops the design, incorporating a rainwater recycling system. All of the home’s appliances and ENERGY STAR certified, and 90 per cent of construction waste was recycled in the making of this gorgeous and sustainable house. John Lum Architecture Inc.
via Inhabitat