Alice-In-Wonderland-Inspired House in The Netherlands - modern minimalist design

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Villa Peet (aka The Rabbit House) in Lelystad, The Netherlands, is modern minimalism come to fruition. Designed by the forward-thinking architects of Amsterdam’s Studio Klink, the house simple, white facade is devoid of details, apart from its glass entrance. Inside, the house is bathed in white, aside from the matte black floors spilling throughout. As you cross the threshold, the front door is the only traditional door to be found in this unique minimalist design. An entrance hall leaves everything to the imagination – a white enclosure offering only a hint of the warm, wooden staircase and balcony above. Turning the corner, you’ll find yourself drawn down a long, white hallway, which runs the length of the spacious house and leads into the garden. An exceptionally tall and wide open-concept kitchen and dining room layout is divided by a bridge crossing through the center. In contrast, the living room boasts a notably low ceiling, creating a tighter quarters accented by a fireplace and featuring floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the garden beyond. Studio Klink
via Contemporist