Empire Today

Just when I thought that everything is almost done.. I was so shocked to know that we are having changes with my Mother - in law’s renovated house. We are set to have granite tiles for the living room, because based on my experience, it maybe a little pricey than the ceramic tiles, it lasts longer , and when it comes to quality, i can attest to that. Not to mention, i love the effect of granite tiles on the floor. But just this morning, she informed me and my husband that she will be getting Hardwood flooring for the living room and dining room. She finds it safe for kids. Good point though, especially now that we are having 2 in the family soon. I am really not aware on the pricing of hardwood flooring , so I checked on Empire Today and was lucky enough to see what I want. To save me time and effort, I am planning to schedule an In-home estimate service with them. This way , they can also talk to the contractor while they are at the house. I am checking online some really nice samples of their designs. Their specialty line of wood is really appealing, especially the dark colored ones. I think aside from granite flooring, this will be on my list too when it comes to home stuff.

The Masters Bedroom will have a carpet finishing on the other hand. I never experienced living in a room with wall to wall carpeting since I am asthmatic. I find carpets hard to maintain too, because it is too prone with dust, not unless you have someone who can clean it for you daily, which is the case of my mother in law. Empire Carpet is my choice because of their wide range of textures. This will also be included at the in home service, because the carpet should match the interiors of the room. I have seen a 50% offer on some of their products too, such huge savings, and Im thinking of getting some for our house too. I can ask them to have an in-house demo too. Imagine, shopping while at home , and you are seeing the products right away. I just hope that the house will be finished soon. Im afraid we are entering the rainy season already , It might be a little difficult to do stuff when it’s raining. I can’t wait to witness the in - house demo too, it just makes me feel excited to see on how well the wood and carpet will coordinate the rooms.