Wooden serving trays by Anders Lunderskov

These wooden serving trays make great kitchen gadgets. Designed by Danish furniture designer, Anders Lunderskov, these serving trays or Lift-up Trays as they are called, are created from oven-dried basswood and laminated cherrywood.

When you lift this wooden serving tray, it makes a solid, varnished wooden frame, and the tray is ready to carry. Setting it down, a beautiful cherrywood surface appears, making it useful both for serving and as a decorative table piece.

The Lift-up tray is practical and decorative. Inspired by Japanese design for its simplicity, with Denmark inspiring the functionality and the idea for the contrasts arising from Italy. Available in a round and a square version, the bottom of both serving trays is made from cherrywood while the frames come in black, white, orange and turquoise.