SCHMITZ HOUSE by Fellipe assadi +Fansisca pulio

A country house, at a 4.5 há land at Calera de Tango, for a marriage with no children. Living room, dinning room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, sauna, swimming pool and basement. A land planted with small fruit trees. To the east the cordillera de Los Andes and the coast cordillera to the west. The south and north are determined by closer sights of eucalyptus. The sight and the rithm of the fruit trees propouses a new ground level. The previous statement, along with the idea of artificial occupation of the land, given by the contrast, creates to volumes and a foundation wall. This one - a concrete box 1 meter high and 2.7 mts wide upon the eats -west center point, fosters the swimming pool, the basement and constitutes the foundations of the house at the same time. Over the tres high, the first volume contains the public program, incide a paralelepipedo made out of glass and alerce. Using the north -south center point, the second volume - uncovered hormigón armado- hangs a glass box producing a new contrast effect, this time stiking vertically.