Modern architecture design Dynamic Architecture

The newest modern architecture design concept is called Dynamic Architecture. Modern architecture skyscrapers will keep moving, forever changing their shape to better fit nature and your imagination. Dynamic Architecture reveals three major innovations – changing shapes, industrial production of units and self-production of clean energy.

Dynamic Architecture buildings follow the sun and move to the wind, making modern architecture design more efficient and environment friendly. Dynamic Architecture buildings keep modifying their shape. As each floor rotates separately, the form of the building changes constantly, bringing new views and experiences; from now on, modern architecture will not be confined to rigid shapes; construction will have a new approach and flexibility. Cities will change faster than we ever imagined.

The construction method and the ability to produce energy on its own are two of the most outstanding features of Dynamic Architecture buildings. These buildings are made of prefabricated units, custom-made in a workshop, to fit very high quality standards, resulting in fast construction, cost savings and fewer people on site.

Italian-Israeli architect, David Fisher, unveiled his design for a Dynamic Architecture based skyscraper combination of a hotel, apartment and office tower in Dubai.
You’ve got to see it to believe it!